Project Hydra


This project has been shelved. Read more.

Traffic offenders can do so with impunity knowing that the police can't be everywhere: reckless driving, stop-light violation, lane indiscipline, footpath parking, wrong way, etc. Well, how about virtual police? Put a little fear of the law in drivers.

Introducing the world's first crowd-sourced social experiment using distributed, intelligent, cloud-connected devices to track traffic offences in real time.

V1.0 “Collector”

  • Vehicle dashboard-mounted intelligent device uploading data to the cloud
  • Real time traffic violation detection
  • Integration with traffic police system for automated challans
  • Create database of repeat offenders

V2.0 "Defender"

Very hush hush right now

V3.0 “Interceptor”

So secret, even my mother doesnt know of this yet